July 4, 2005


I went to IKEA for the first time today. The store was massive. Three stories of pretty much anything you can imagine for your home. I can't believe I'd never been there before. I'd heard of it, but nothing prepares you for walking in and seeing it for yourself. Today, it was especially crowded, but the trip out to Schaumburg was worth it. When we have more space than we do now someday, that will be our first shop. Specifically, there was this leather couch that I was ready to bring home with me today, but of course I didn't since we shouldn't be buying couches right now. Still, if you get the chance to go, do it, if for no other reason than to get a $1 cinnamon roll. They have a restaurant that they can't be making any money on, based on the prices. I think they use it to get you in the store, but that's fine with me. Again, check it out...the website just doesn't do it justice.

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