July 18, 2005

Andy's rant for Monday

Can we all get together and agree to just call it a blog? Especially since that's what they all are. You know, blog, short for web log? Livejournal, Xanga, Blogger....these are sites that make creating and maintaining a blog easy. You can have a blog on Xanga. You can't have a Xanga.

An example:
You have an email address. You tell someone, "I'm checking my email." Maybe you'd say, "I'm checking my Yahoo! email." You would never say, "Let me go check my Yahoo!" unless you're checking up on Captain Jimmy, who is an actual yahoo. Otherwise, you would get a well-deserved funny look.

That's all for now. Are you not entertained?


Anonymous said...

You make a very valid point... we should all agree on one and stick with it .... however, why should "blog" be the frontrunner? What about that makes it superior?

Just curious :)


Jimmy said...

Funny though that blogs aren't the only things like that. Some people make Xeroxes instead of copies and some people wear Nylons instead of stockings. Since blog is what it is, and not who supplies the site, blog is what it should be.

And by the way, I take offense to the yahoo comment. Okay not really. That was good.