June 26, 2005

Thanks to a friendly neighbor...

...I have internet access. Someone has a wireless network in our building. Don't know who, but I'll use it until our Internet access is set up.

Anyhow, the point of this post is to say that we've arrived safely and are getting ourselves unpacked. A few points...

The apartment is small, but we'll make do. Maybe I'll even get Janet to throw something out.

I wrestled in the Prairie State Games on Saturday. See the pictures in Flickr.

We visited a church this morning, and, against all odds, ran into a girl who graduated from my high school a year before me.

Our neighborhood is pretty nice, but the bad part of town starts about a fifth of a mile from here, and we've decided to only go to the stores in the northern part of town from now on. The discrepancy between north and south in Oak Park is severe.

Every bad thing you've ever heard about traffic in Chicago is true.

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