June 29, 2005

Starting work

I started work yesterday. Of course, this entailed a few meetings and a lunch. It's a slow start this week, but we're working up to a sprint by the end of the summer. The next few weeks will be getting a recruiting plan together and aso figure out what the kids club is going to look like come September. I saw the office I'll be doing some work out of as well. It's right there near the wrestling room. The only bad part is that it's shared with the tennis coach, though I hear he's not in it that much. As a special treat, an adjunct Kinesiology professor will be using it for office hours. That should only be for the fall semester.

While I was out in Wheaton yesterday, I dropped in on Mike and Kristin Vazquez. I saw Mike when we were here in May, but I hadn't seen Kristin since they'd been married. As an extra bonus, Mike's little brother Marcos, who I met when I lived in California for that one summer, was staying with Mike while attending basketball camp at the college. It was good to see all of the, and I'm sure I'll see a lot more of Mike and Kristin in the future.

Oh, and our cable was hooked up yesterday morning, so Janet is happy.

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