June 1, 2005

Short, but sweet

The last movie I saw in the theater before Revenge of the Sith was The Matrix Revolutions. Like it's my fault they closed the $1.50 theater for renovations.

The last match I lost in college, I gave up a penalty point for fleeing the mat that proved to be the deciding point. According to the rules enacted the very next year, I wouldn't have even been out of bounds.

I took a class in college about sub-Saharan Africa, and I don't remember a darn thing about it, except that I wrote a report on the Boer War.

Ever hear the song The Night Chicago Died by Paper Lace? If you haven't, don't listen to it, or it will be in your head for a solid week, even though the lyrics make no sense at all. I'm warning you.

Choose Carbs.

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Anonymous said...

Daddy was a cop
On the East side of Chicago
Back in the USA
Back in the bad old days