June 8, 2005

More apples

Commenter Lara has posted more about her Apple experience in the comments to the previous post, so you can read them to see what she has to say about getting a Mac. I will admit that I only performed a single comparison between an arguably high-end Powerbook and a higher end PC laptop. Down at the shallow end of the pool, the differences in price are not as stark, and the educational discount for Apple is at least $100, depending on which Mac you go for.

A lot of the price discrepancy is in the upper half of the product line, as you can't get a 17 inch Mac laptop for less than $2,700, but most people have no need for a screen that large or the budget to buy it. Down at the lowest end, you can pick up an iBook with a 12.1" screen for $999 ($899 with the Ed. discount) if your goal is email, surfing the web, and running productivity software.

I think the statement I want to make here is that Macs are generally more expensive than their PC brothers, but if gleaming white cases, shiny metal, and OS X sets your heart aflutter, you can get your Mac without ending up in the poorhouse.


Lara said...


I'm sorry...I was just giving you a hard time. :)

I have no beef against PCs. I loved the one I had and I still have a PC desktop. There's no snobbery here. Apple just made what I needed in the world of portability. :)

So... Messiah College...I was class of 98. When did you graduate?

Jimmy said...

I always thought Apples fell from trees, not pocketbooks. It seems to me that the Apple lovers are your middle class computer user. At the low end, you have people that don't know any better so they get the cheapest PC they can find and wonder why it crashes 3.14 times a day. Your mid range user knows enough about computers that they want the support and the stability with minimal effort, enter here your Apple. The high end users know their stuff and usually are quite capable of building their own PC at a slightly inflated price but with much stability. They don't require the customer support.

Don't get me wrong, Apples have their pros. If I was a professional photographer or video editor I'd get an Apple no questions asked. However, the nice thing about PCs is how customizable they are. Seriously, what can't you plug into the back of a PC these days? I plug concrete and blacktop plants into mine these days.