June 20, 2005

Last Post in the South

Well, we're off tomorrow, and the cable gets cut off today, so this is it for blog posts in North Carolina. It's been a heck of a time getting ourselves packed up, and we're not quite there yet, but we will be by tomorrow morning when we saddle up and get this caravan rolling.

Blogging may be light for the next week or so, as we'll be traveling and unpacking and not having our cable hooked up immediately. Perhaps you'll get a post on Wednesday during our travel break in Ohio.

I feel like I should say something momentous on the occasion of our big move, but I'm all tapped out. We've packed, and we'll be loading later. I'll miss the people we've met, but I won't miss living in North Carolina for reasons I'm sure I've discussed previously. Illinois will be a bit of a homecoming, as it's not so different from the Ohio I grew up with.

So that's it for me. I'll see all of you north of Mason-Dixon.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jimmy said...

North of the Mason-Dixon is where it's at anyway. I don't know how you survived down there for as long as you did...

Anonymous said...

Andy, you're looking a little chunky in some of those photos ;)