May 15, 2005

Too Much Stuff

I guarantee that this isn't a unique problem to Janet and me, but I'm still talking about it. We just have too much darn stuff. I was thinking about this after going through some things today while Janet was at work. Most of it is stuff that we could live without but choose not to. In the next few weeks, I'm hoping to do some organization to figure out what is important and what just is. If we're lucky, we can get rid of some of the stuff that isn't essential. That way, we'll have more space to collect non-essential items for us to throw away six months from now. And the cycle of life continues...

Oh, and by the that I've been enlightened as to who the heck Michael Buble is, I've decided that I was right. He's not particularly famous, and I can safely forget I've ever heard his name.

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