May 5, 2005

Mind Game: Janet Vogel

As promised, here is part three of the wildly popular series "Stream of consciousness blogging from the mind of _____." Up today, Janet. This one is really too easy, me living with her and all. Let's just hope I don't share too much. Maybe next time I'll do Brooke, but I'm not sure since no one who reads this knows her well enough for anything I say to be funny. I've had a request for Tim Hillner, but I might pass that one off to the Captain and see if he's interested in subbing in on that one. He was his roommate for three years.

When this is all over, I better be able to get a job because there's no way I'm working at Barnes & Noble with a Masters Degree.

Nanny 911 is such a great show. I wish Andy would have let me tape it when my grandparents were here.

Why won't they open the pool? Why won't they open the pool? Why won't they open the pool?

OK, 35 page limit. He won't be upset if I go onto 36 pages will he? My gosh, I'm such a nerd.

I shower every day, and Andy sometimes does twice. Why is my classmate so stinky?

Will Sheridan ever ger her baby back on Passions? The suspense is killing me.

We've got two boxes of Cheerios left. That's not enough, I better go get some more.

If one more kid at the park tells me George Washington fought in the Civil War, I'm just going to cry.

I mean it, this job has shaken my faith in the public school system, and my mom's in the NEA!

It's a good thing I'm married, because I don't think it would take much to turn me into the crazy cat lady.

When there's no one in the left turn lane, why is there an arrow? Can't they get a smart light?

I love the cat and all, but I wish she was smart enough to remember that I fed her an hour ago.

How come Andy's the lucky one who gets to work with all those people who speak German while my fluency goes out the window?

Just a few more Discover Card dollars and I'll have enough for that iPod.

If it wasn't bad for me, my lunch would consist entirely of potato chips every day.

OK, that was harder than I thought. I think it's funnier, for me anyhow, if I've neve actually heard the person say some of the things, but that it's just a guess on my part. It's harder to guess when I've heard Janet say so much. I hope you have as much fun reading these as I do writing them.


Anonymous said...

Nooooooo Sheridan can't get her baby back! She's insane. And she left a 2 year old outside in the cold to get kidnapped. Her parenting skills are horrible. And her entire exsistence revolves around thinking everything her sexist non-husband tells her to think.
Luis: You hate your mother
Sheridan: Oh.... alright. I guess I do.
(Not sarcasm... that really happened)
Sure Beth's insane too, but it's totally the lesser of two evils.

I feel dumber having written that.

That show is soo addicting. In my head, I completely realize how horrible the plotlines are and that my IQ is dropping with every episode I watch, but every time I try to stop, I have to know what happened and start up again.


Robin said...

The cat is smart enough to remember you fed her an hour ago. She doesn't think you remember....