May 3, 2005

Mind Game: James Barley

This post is the first in a forthcoming series entitled "Stream of consciousness blogging from the mind of _____." In this series, I will get inside the head of different people to give you a glimpse of what they may possibly be thinking on a daily basis. I'm not sure how long this series will be, so we'll see how it goes. First up: James (the Captain) Barley.

Let's see here, if I set the loop counter to 6 outside the main loop, that would...Bah!...Why am I thinking about this on my day off? Oh yeah, I don't get those anymore.

OK, it's May 3rd. That gives me a 16 days to finish my Ewok costume, 15 if I want to get in line early.

Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?

If I was going to fake my own kidnapping, I'd do a way better job than that Georgia woman.

If I ran one of those Amish buggies off the road, would anyone know?

I'm going on a hunger strike until the stupid pizza place figures out how to deliver to the Cove every day of the week.

One of these days, some middle school girl's parents are going to be upset when I spike a volleyball into their daughter's face.

I'll never tell them this, but, to me, all three Brady girls are pretty much the same.

How many cans of Mountain Dew would I need to build my own snowboarding slope? Better get my calculator and figure this out.

Seriously, only 16 days!

I need to plan my next party before Smalls moves away so I can get her drunk one last time.

My team never wins these stupid volleyball tournaments. I need more athletic friends.

Those people who got the Dave Matthews Band bus septic system dumped on them don't know how lucky they are.

We can put a man on the moon but can't make a machine that washes and dries my clothes.

I can't believe they stopped making the Cavalier. What will my next car be now?

Stay tuned for the next installment of "Stream of consciousness blogging from the mind of _____."


Jimmy said...

My hat goes off to you Andy. Let's do this again some time. A few of those were a little too right on (mostly the not winning vball and spiking vballs at girls (happened yet again last weekend)). And if I were to ever...Ever fake my own kidnapping, you can darn well believe that no one would ever end up knowing I faked it while still being able to walk away with a nice lumb of change in my pocket from the ordeal.

Jimmy said...

Ha! I came across this post (Tuesday, May 03, 2005) again tonight (Sunday, Nov 05, 2006) and still found it completely comical. I guess my thoughts really don't change too much over the course of a year and 4 months. It's what happens when you live in The Cove.