May 2, 2005

Class of 1999

My high school, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, had a six year reunion for my class this past weekend. Why six years? Because no one was on the ball enough to plan it for the more traditional five. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, as Janet had to finish her monster of a paper, and it's a long drive to Cuyahoga Falls for a reunion. Maybe I'll go to the next one. Anyhow, I would have liked to have gone and seen what my former classmates have done with themselves in the past six years. I had nothing to worry about. I finished college, got a job, married a beautiful girl, all the stuff they ask you about at these things. Sure, I have a lot less hair than I did at graduation, but, hey, I drive a MINI.

This reunion business got me thinking about my class, so I headed to my class on the CVCA alumni webpage to check things out. Some of the people have emails listed and some have sent in news updates. Curious, I decided to start Googling this weekend. I searched for the names of classmates that weren't too common. Anything like Smith, Jones, or Brown was left out due to the avalance of unrelated results I would surely find. The only definitive think I could find was one girl is an accountant for Price Waterhouse Coopers in Columbus, OH. All in all, Googling my classmates yields one result (other than myself) where the person I'm looking for is the first result returned by Google. Take a bow, Tim Meier. As a bonus, the picture includes his wife Rachel who also graduated in the class of 1999.

High school seems like so long ago now, especially since I've lost touch with everyone (except Lisa's blog) and met a whole new set of friends at Messiah. I'm much better at keeping in touch with the new set of friends, that much is true. I guess that's why it's good to have reunions.

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