April 20, 2005

Shouldn't she be upset?

Here, read this post. It's short, so I'll also copy it here to save time:

So this is what tim said when he was telling liz a story today by his truck outside of old main..
" Yea, Kathi is my current and last girlfriend I'll have....."
It's the sweetest thing!!!! He is soo adorable!
I suppose some backstory is in order. You see, the Kathi in this case has been dating the Tim for around 3 years now (roughly). She really wants to be engaged, like, yesterday, and, frankly, if I were Tim, I'd have popped the question ages ago, so don't get the idea that she's out of line here at all. They won't be getting married for a while, I'll leave that alone because I don't know nearly enough details to speak intelligently about it, and it's not my story to tell in the first place. The thing that flabbergasts me is how Tim's little statement, about a girl he is not either married to or engaged to, doesn't bother her at all. In fact, she thinks it's adorable. If I were in her shoes, I'd be seriously ticked, thinking to myself, "Oh, yeah? Prove it, pretty boy." Personally, when I was dating Janet way back when, I wouldn't have dreamed of saying that sort of thing before I slapped that diamond on her finger, especially if I had told her that we weren't getting married for a while. To each his own, I suppose, though Tim better realize what he's got before too long. Even Kathi can't handle this for too long, I bet.

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