April 15, 2005

Saving Fuel - Almost

Volkswagen has scrapped plans to produce a car that gets around 300 miles per gallon. If you read the article, you can find out that the car was to have a carbon fiber body, only seat two (uncomfortably), and sport a 0.3 liter engine with a top speed of 75mph. Obviously, the car would have been only sold in Europe, as the size and construction would likely make it illegal for safety reasons on this side of the pond. The plan was scrapped as the engineers realized they could not get the car out the door with a price lower than $30,000. This was too much to pay for what sounds like a four wheel moped.

Here's the key quote that describes what they were trying to accomplish as well as why it failed: "People just won't pay these sorts of prices to get a few extra miles of fuel efficiency, but it's another matter if the price of fuel really shoots up."

Perhaps they'll revive it if gas doubles in price.

The other interesting fact in the article is that Volkswagen is taking a financial beating these days, but we'll leave that to the financial types.

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