April 26, 2005

Next time, I'll poke you with a metal hook

I hadn't been to the dentist in roughly two years until this morning. Graduation, marriage, moving, and getting a job all conspired to push the dentist's priority far back in my mind. Finally, Janet and I made appointments and I went today. She goes next Tuesday. You don't know what to expect after two years away, but I still went. Thankfully, the sealant, fluoride treatments, and regular brushing have paid off. I'm a picture of dental health. The dentist's exact words were, "This is one of the most boring initial exams I've ever done." Good news in my book. As a bonus, today's visit was just supposed to be an initial consulation, but there was a gap in the schedule and I got to see the hygienist for my cleaning as well. This means I'm good for another six months. I'll hopefully better about getting this taken care of next time, but I'm glad my lapse in responsibility didn't cost me.


Anonymous said...

your welcome,

mom and dad

Anonymous said...

i mean, you're welcome :)