April 7, 2005

Just as many bad wigs, though

I've been watching Alias for a few seasons now, and this season was really starting to tick me off. First off, all they ever did was have these self-contained episodes where somebody stole something really bad, and the gang of worst spies ever goes to steal it back. Meanwhile, Sydney and Nadia get the chance to beat up some bad guys (because there's nothing hotter than spy sisters). Finally, a few episodes ago, things started to get interesting, as it began to look like Spy Daddy was turning a bit evil working with Uncle Arvin. This is exactly what this show needs, a multiple episode story arc to keep me interested. If they keep this up, I might even watch next season, because based on the first few weeks, I was out of there come September (toy helicopter of doom, anyone?). Now, Spy Daddy and Uncle Arvin are definitely up to no good, but at least Jack's conflicted about it, at least when it comes to Spy Barbie. Vaughn is trying to find his possibly dead father after stealing the thing that made the random extra character melt at the beginning of this week's epidsode (yeah, it was gross). Next week, we even get to see Spy Auntie return with her bad Russian accent (I know my Russian accents, I've been there). Of course, there's still time for this show to disappoint me, so they better keep their act together for the next few months, or else I'm walking.

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