April 27, 2005

I made this on Monday

Chicken and Avocado Quesadilla

It was very good. I sauteed the chicken in a little oil with some cumin instead of using smoked chicken, which I didn't have. The author of this recipe, Juan Carlos Cruz, has a show on the Food Network called Calorie Commando that espouses low-cal meals. The show is utterly unwatchable, as Mr. Cruz doesn't seem to have the personality for television, but this recipe is definitely worth making. I find the same thing happens with me and Rachael Ray on 30 Minute Meals. I can't watch that show either, but the food she makes is often good. Thank goodness for internet recipes.

Oh, a tip for the above recipe. The green chiles come in a can, and I found them in the Mexican food section of our grocery store, not with the other canned vegetables. They're not very spicy, so don't worry about that if spicy isn't your thing.

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