April 22, 2005

I don't usually bring work up

This is my situation. It's not bad usually, but about twice a day it gets pretty annoying. I might have the worst cube in the building. I'm right on the main hall and at an intersection to boot. For this reason, people will be walking and talking to each other, they will get just outside my cube, and then stop and keep talking, sometimes for 10-15 minutes, and oftentimes in a foreign language. The picture below is instructive. I am represented by the bold Me. Notice that my cube doorway is pretty much out in the hall so if I turn around, I can see 150 feet down the hall to the other cube (currently empty) that shares my plight. This makes sure that every person walking by has a great view into my work area. The X is where the informal conferences take place. Specifically, one person does this at least once a day, even though he sits in two cubes away and could easily have his talks there.

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Anonymous said...

I use soft, insertable ear plugs. They work great in a cube environment.