March 20, 2005

One Sheet of Paper

Back in college, I took a few physics classes. Most college students carry around these giant backpacks with everything they own in them (it seems). I tried to carry as little as possible to class, especially if I only had one class to attend before heading back to the dorm. This meant that I often only had a pencil and a notebook on my way to Physics. This fascinated the girl sitting in front of me that I would have so little with me. It made sense to me. I didn't need the ginormous book for class, so a pencil and a notebook was all I needed. One day, just for kicks, I decided to come to class armed solely with a pencil and a single sheet of paper. Turns out, that was all that I needed, and it elicited the intended reaction from the girl in front of me. She didn't quite make it in engineering, but I hope I didn't set those events in motion by refusing to overpack for class.

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Jimmy said...

Who was this person and what made you think about something that happened years and years ago?