February 17, 2005

A new kind of quiz

After that heavy tax talk in the previous post, I thought I'd give a test. This isn't the kind of thing where you tell me your favorite ice cream flavor or your middle name or when the last time you cried was. This is a quiz about the stuff I'm interested in. I know all the answers without looking them up. Leave your answers in the comments, and don't cheat with Google, or I will take away your birthday. I'll later post the correct answers and who got the most right.

1. Where do you store tomatoes? (bonus: Why?)
2. Quickly explain the infield fly rule.
3. What is the formula for Ohm's law?
4. How long is a college wrestling match (bonus: Each period?)
5. What is the difference between a traditional and Roth IRA?
6. What is the Maillard reaction?
7. Correct the spelling of the following words: aparantley and defanately.
8. What company is the largest employer in the United States? (bonus: Where is their headquarters?)
9. What do these acronyms stand for? SDRAM, NHSCA, PCA
10.What is the main regulatory difference between Division I and Division III in NCAA sports? (bonus: name another regulatory difference)

OK, that's it. Let's see how you do.


Mike said...

These are my answers without looking them up or asking anyone. Some may prove to be embarrassing.

1. In window at room temp. to allow for full ripening due to gas house treatment.

2. bases loaded or runners on 1st and second, fly to infielder with less than 2 outs, batter called out, runners advance at own risk, not forced in the case of missed or dropped ball

3. V=IR

4. 7 minutes (3-2-2)

5. Traditional IRA - before tax deduction with withdrawals subject to taxation. Roth IRA - no tax deduction but withdrawals (including earningns) not subject to taxation

6. don't know

7. apparently, definitely (used finite as clue

8. Federal Government, DC

9. Static Dynamic Random Access Memory, National High School Coaches Association, Presbyterian Church in America

10. D1 and D3 - D3 no athletic scholarships, D3 no clock run on eligibility (still 4 years of eligibility but can be used any 4 years where D1 eligbility must be used in a 5 year period)

Jimmy said...

I took it the other day, but it wouldn't let me make a comment. Anywho, Since some answers are already there that I know, I'll just spare myself the embarrassment and tell you that I know the answers to 2,3,4,7, and 10 and they are the same as Mike. The rest I don't know (or I only know half the answer). Peace out!

Lilly said...

1. anywhere but the fridge. they taste best at room temp.
2. if a fly ball is hit in the infield and there are runners on the bases, they can run at their own risk (hoping the ball is not caught), or they can wait till the ball is caught in the infield and then check back to the base before they run. if they run. that's my elementary take on it. but i'm sure it's more complicated than that.
3. V=IR
4. is it 6 min.?
5. no clue
6. nada
7. apparently, definitely
8. I really want to say the Postal Service, just to be funny.
9. PCA is for Pres. Church of America
10. don't know either.

I evidently don't know (or want to know) a lot of the stuff you know :)