February 14, 2005

Commercialize This

You'll never guess where Janet wanted to go for Valentine's Day, so I'll just tell you: Taco Bell. We should be a commercial for them. See the engineer and his wife who go to Taco Bell on Valentine's Day. It's OK, though, I think it means I picked out the right wife for me. She's pretty low maintenace when it comes to eating at restaurants and wanting jewelry. The alternative to Taco Bell was Pizza Hut, and that's just because there is no Friendly's in town. Let's just say she's not the target audience of all the Valentine's Day related advertising floating around this time of year. 1. Wants Taco Bell for dinner on Valentine's Day 2. Doesn't want diamond jewelry other than her engagement ring because she's afraid she would lose it 3. Drop her off at the local Big Lots and she's good for two hours, minimum, of just wandering around looking at stuff.

In other news, Janet was accepted into graduate school to study Public History, so she can stop worrying about it for crying out loud. I'm sure they spent all of five minutes looking at her application before deciding she was way smarter than anyone else who applied.

Lastly, I have been listening to some Fountains of Wayne, and here's a line I thought was funny from Mexican Wine: I used to fly for United Airlines/I got fired for reading High Times.....Ok, so it's not Shakespeare, but I laughed.

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