February 28, 2005

City: Chicago, Diagnosis: Cold

It snowed in the Second City on Thursday afternoon, though the wind was the real problem as we stomped around the Loop. Travel Tip: If you're trying to find a train, make sure you know whether it runs above ground or below ground. Travel Tip #2: Stay at a Clubhouse Inn. They have free breakfast, and it's a real breakfast, not the continental kind. Biscuits, sausage, bacon, pancakes...these were some of our choices through our stay. The place was also totally empty, which was nice. For our rental car, we ended up with a Malibu, which is a nice enough car, but it's no MINI. The direct flight was nice, though the hour delay ont he front end could have been avoided, but if it had, there would have been no chance to eat at the excellent Maui Taco just down the hall from Gate C23 (no joke, the tacos were good). The ride home was much smoother, as Janet and I each had a row to ourselves, though we did sit together. The flight attendant even gave us each a whole can of Pepsi and two bags of snack mix. 50 degrees never felt so warm when we got back.

That said, we had a good time. Chicago is big, but I hear it smells better than New York. Everyone there was pretty friendly, and the public transportation is excellent. Not quite sold on the Chicago style pizza. Part of me feels like the sauce should be under the cheese in a proper pizza, but I'd be willing to give it a second chance.

By the way, this is totally unrelated, but Iron Chef America: The Series is some seriously riveting television. If you have Food Network, that's where you should be Sunday nights at 9.

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