January 4, 2005

It's hard to enjoy it

The weather, that is. Today, the weather was in the seventies here in Raleigh. Record highs, they say. It's been in the sixties at least for a while now, and it's supposed to continue at least until the weekend. It's pretty nice to walk around outside in January with no coat on. I even wore short sleeves today. The part that's hard to enjoy is that somewhere deep inside I know that it is January, and that this can't possibly last. I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, since it inevitably will. Of course, I'm glad about the weather, and the possibility of 70 degree weather in January is the best thing about living in North Carolina. There are plenty of things to dislike about living here (giant bugs, stifling summer heat, the fact that it's not weird when someone in a graduate level history course calls people from the North "Yankees"), but the opportunity to go coatless in the dead of winter is nice.

Back to the "Yankee" thing. It actually happened this past semester in Janet's class. We wondered if it would be appropriate for her to call them Rebels when she starts back up again next week. I think she should raise her hand and say, "If you can call people like me 'Yankees,' can I call native North Carolinians 'Rednecks?'" Maybe that will put a stop to it. It's not that it really offends me or anything, it's just so weird. I can guarantee that I never once in any history class (or any other class) I have ever taken, did I or anyone else in the class call Southerners Rebels, Rednecks, or anything else.

Just for the record, I don't like being called "y'all" even by people I like.

Finally, five Southern pronunciations of North Carolina cities:
1. Durham - Durm
2. Wendell - wen - DELL
3. Hickory - HICK - ree
4. High Point - Hah Point
5. Asheville - ASH - vull

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