January 28, 2005

I was starting to wonder

It's been 19 months since I graduated from college, and I was wondering about some of my friends for a little while. You see, there's always the temptation to just go home after college and live at home like it's summer vacation and you're headed off to college again in the fall. I can pretty safely say now that my friends have mostly avoided this temptation, at least for now. Here's the recap of some select individuals, and this is by no means an exhaustive list:
1. Amy - Finishing up teacher school, all set for a job in Virginia this fall, and Mom and Pops aren't coming...no word on Herbie or Holly yet. They'll miss her terribly, but Chesapeake will never be the same.
2. James - Still at home, but where else would he live in the Cove, and it's not like he's running into the bossman all the time in that giant house. He bought a Cavalier, which is cause for worry, but he's bounced back nicely since that event.
3. Liz - Safely away in Pennsylvania nursing the heck out of the greater Hershey area, and in the midst of buying a townhouse. She's like a real adult or something.
4. Vikki - teaching biology to rich kids in Maryland, and saving money by going on dates as much as possible. She went almost straight from school to living on her own. I wonder what she cooks for dinner?
5. Giant Tim - Part of the reason Vikki can go on so many dates is because Tim isn't paying any rent, as he's living with his mom still. His dad and brother live there too, but mom's the important one. We'll cut hime some slack as he was finishing grad school. If he heads off to the middle of nowhere for medical school, he'll be truly on his own, as James won't be around to answer the phone when his mom calls looking for him every 20 minutes (yeah, this actually happened one day. The emergency? Who knows?)
6. Skippy Tim - To be honest, Tim worried me the most. I thought there was a chance he'd be living at home until he got married, and even then, there might have been a question. However, he has wildly exceeded all expectations by diving headfirst into home ownership. You can read about all his house projects here as you shudder at how much work he has had to put into a townhouse that already cost that much. Ah, the joy of real estate near the ocean, and in Jersey, no less.

So there it is. Just look at us. We've gone from hanging out in the basement of Smith to having real jobs, and paying actual rent to actual landlords. Maybe in a few years, we can do a "Where are they now?" kind of thing for the five year reunion.

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