December 1, 2004

Just call me Pinnocchio

Because I've got no strings, not because my nose grows when I lie. I'm pretty sure it doesn't. What I do know is that I'm typing this blog post on Janet's computer while sitting on the living room couch. Our wireless router and extra wireless PC card arrived today via the good folks in brown. We decided that $20 (after rebate) was too good an offer to pass up. It took some convincing to get all the equipment to play nice, but it seems to have finally worked. The goofiest part was when I installed the new WiFi card in my laptop, and it worked except for the fact it made my laptop speakers make weird noises every time data came in. To solve that, I just switched cards with Janet and it was all good, after some of the issues involved with the fact that Janet is the only person on the planet still using Windows 98. Windows 98 was designed back before anyone had heard of wireless networking, so the software is a little different. XP does a bunch of stuff automatically, which is nice.

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Anonymous said...

Andy, we're all waiting for your analysis for the Jemila Monroe's article. Will someone please have the courage to state what they agree and disagree with minus the character assasinations?