December 29, 2004


This is all I've got tonight. I need some inspiration. You could leave suggestions for blog topics as comments to this post.

I just read Holes by Louis Sachar. Yeah, it's a kids book, but it was entertaining. I bought it for Janet for Christmas, since I knew there was a movie about it that looked interesting. I read it while we were waiting for the American medical system to work on Janet. I recommend picking it up at your local library. It's about a prison camp for juveniles in the middle of nowhere. The inmates have to dig a five foot deep hole every day at the bottom of the dried up lake. Go check it out.


Anonymous said...

If you had it to do over again,
Minicooper or not, and why?

Tell of the most vivid dream you had recently.

Is Shapiro on the right track?

Jimmy said...

Alien conspiracies! Fact or Fiction?