November 17, 2004

Why I don't watch CSI

I've seen a few episodes of this show, and apparently Vikki watches it all the time. Oh, and before I get going, everyone reading look how I spelled "apparently" above. That is the correct spelling. Burn it into your mind. Moving on. CSI just doesn't get it done for me. I mean, I want to see twists and turns and the unexpected, but Law & Order just takes CSI out behind the woodshed. There are three L&O shows, so I've no need for any of the three CSI shows. First off, the whole CSI crimefighter concept really isn't that realistic. There's the crime scene unit and the detectives. They aren't the same, no matter what CSI shows. Even in L&O: Criminal Intent, Bobby Goren, the biggest geek in the L&O franchise, isn't in the lab preparing samples and running DNA tests. I saw a CSI: Miami the other day where the two guys checked out the crime scene, did the lab tests, questions suspects, and made an arrest. Same two guys. Just not probable. The CSI folks don't have the concept of union labor figured out.

I haven't even gotten to my biggest gripe yet. My biggest problem with CSI is how gory it is. The main purpose of the show is to shock you, and they do a good job of it by sensationalizing the violence and showing as many dismembered body parts that they can. The show is able to get ratings by grossing people out, and I just don't think that's good television. I'm just a much bigger L&O fan. It helps that Sam Waterson has been playing Jack McCoy for so long that he could probably actually be a lawyer and do a good job of it.

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