November 18, 2004

Who I like

I'm going to list my favorite teams here, so if you're ever wondering who I like, this is the place to look. Hey, it's not the best post idea I've ever had, but if you don't like it, scroll down to the posse post while waiting for me to regain past blogging glory. I'm only good for one post of that quality per week. OK, here it is. Keep in mind, I'm not a fanatic about most of these teams, but if asked which team I would like to win the next championship, these are my answers.

NFL Football: Dallas Cowboys
Major League Baseball: Cleveland Indians
NBA Basketball: Cleveland Cavaliers
NHL Hockey: Hah!
NCAA Football: Ohio State Buckeyes

Oh, and I wrote this post while hearing "It's Raining Men" in the background. I let Janet listen to what she wants as long as she's working on her paper.

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