November 2, 2004

The Obligatory Election Post

I'm not really excited about this post, but I thought that maybe one day I might like to look back at election day and see what I was thinking.

I've watched a good chunk of the proceedings to this point (sometimes with the sounds off...oddly, it's not that much different with it on), and the only conclusion I can make is that I don't have any idea what's going on, and neither do you, unless of course you're reading this after it's all over with. I'm really curious to know how these computer models work that they use to project states with around 10% of the vote counted. It doesn't make sense to me, mainly because I don't know how they do the counting.

One thing I know is that it was an interesting time to live in Ohio, which I no longer do. Ohioans could stand in their yard in the last month, toss a rock in the air, and the odds were pretty good it would hit a Presidential candidate on the way down. A girl my parents go to church with has shaken hands with the President on three separate occasions this fall. I have no idea how a 17 year old positioned herself so well, but now she has a story (or three) to tell.

North Carolina, on the other hand, is pretty solidly red these days. John Edwards came to Raleigh at the end of last week, but I think he was just picking up some new underwear for the last round of campaigning. I wonder, should Kerry lose this thing, if a lot of people won't point to his selection of Edwards as one the the things that did him in. I'm not sure I would disagree, but I'm not so sure I agree either. He's a pretty unappealing candidate (and perhaps a more unappealing person, if the news reports are to be believed) that I think was picked a bit hastily. Janet voted for Kerry, and John Edwards creeps her out. It doesn't help that some responsibility for the high cost of health care can be laid at his litigious feet. However, at no time have I ever heard anyone planning to vote for Kerry actually say anything about John Kerry, good or otherwise. It's all the irresponsible "anybody but Bush" tripe I've been hearing since whenever Howard Dean wanted to be president. It's a big similarity between the two sides. Ask any voter who they're voting for, and their explanation will rarely, if ever include the words "John Kerry." To me, this means the Democrats picked a loser, as in, "that guy is such a loser." However, that might not be the case in the General Election. Perhaps the dissatisfacton with the President will put Kerry in office. Liberal columnist Timothy Noah has called him the least appealing candidate the Democrats have nominated for president in [his] lifetime (scroll down to Timothy Noah to see the rest of his statement), but he's voting for him anyway. I think the election hinges on how many people lean the same way.

Perhaps these guys I've linked before had the right idea all along. It seems a lot of people might fall into their group. All along, I thought the President had the advantage, but I knew it was close enough that I couldn't make a prediction, and I still won't. It will be interesting to see how it turns out, and the fewer lawsuits, the better. I hope the loser accepts defeat graciously.

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