November 15, 2004

Do I need an Entourage?

Read this article and then let me know.

I guess the whole idea of a posse is that you're big stuff once you have one, and the guys in it don't really have to work, since you're taking care of them. It starts with a few boys from back home and a bodyguard, and just blossoms from there. I think my favorite part of the article is the part where you find out that Eminem's posse has it's own posse. You're big time when your entourage has an entourage.

I think I could get into having an entourage, but I would have to break the rules and let females in. I see it going down like this.

James - nearly deserving of his own entourage, and he's one brush with the law away from breaking out and getting one
Vikki - I could see her getting picked up on an illegal weapons charge at some point
My Brother Steve - he's the driver/crowd control officer who achieves a cult following among my many fans
Sister Katrina - any time someone needs to be verbally taken down a notch, she's your girl...also makes sure restaurants seat us on time
Giant Tim - He's around to make sure the food/drink/transportation/bling is never sub-par
Hillner - requisite crazy guy around for entertainment value
Liz - Someone has to make sure we get to where we're supposed to be at the right time
Janet - my wife, of course, but also the one person who gets worried about everything...if she wore a lot of diamond jewelry and drove a gold Hummer, that would be even better
Amy - trash talks all the other entourages to the newspaper/magazine/television reporters

These are just the ones off the top of my head. As my popularity soars (perhaps due to a nightclub rumble), the group could definitely grow. Maybe I could start a big time feud with some other posse.

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