July 21, 2004

You won't hear this in the suburbs

So I have a friend who just bought a house in downtown Raleigh. It's in a neighborhood that is in the process of being developed for bigger and better things, but right now, it's pretty much what you think of when you hear the words "Downtown Raleigh," if you get my drift. He was talking to one of his neighbors about the changes in the neighborhood, and the guy said, "I've been seeing some things that you wouldn't have seen before. The other day, I saw two white girls jogging with a dog. I ain't never seen two white girls jogging with a dog around here." Think about the trouble it would cause if a white person reversed that saying in Cary, NC, Stow, OH, or Mechanicsburg, PA. You'd be likely to start a fight, but this guy was just saying it matter of factly, since it was probably true. Growing up in the suburbs, you could get the feeling that everyone lives like you, except maybe in New York or Chicago, but when it comes down to it, this exchange could have happened anywhere there is a moderately large city, since Raleigh is no metropolis at 250,000 people.

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