July 17, 2004

Week in Review

Blogging has been light this past week, I realize. I decided to take a short hiatus from the blog to focus on entertaining my parents. I can leave Janet alone and go blog, as long as Trading Spaces or something is on, but I figured I should pay attention to my parents, since they were only here for four days. On a side note, Paige Davis is one of the most annoying people on television, but not worse than the all time annoying champion, Ryan Seacrest. Anyhow, back to the parents. It seems my Dad has decided to take up golf. I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but it's definitely in the last two months. I guess he's been hitting golf balls in the field at work during lunch, and he goes to the driving range sometimes. Lately, he's been hitting up the par three courses in his area, and he did some here. There's a really short par three course down the road a ways, and he went there three times. Over the course of those three days, he played the nine hole course eight times for a total of 72 holes. I was there for 18 of them on Wednesday, when I took the day off. My Mom went with him each time, but only played 9 holes each day (she's a bit stiff when she swings, but is getting better) then headed off to the strip mall. While they were here, I made dinner a few times (steak tacos on Tuesday; chicken fingers Thursday) and we hit up Red Lobster on Wednesday. I think they had a pretty good time, and just had the chance to relax. Unfortunately, Steve couldn't come, since the whole point of the trip was for him to go to a summer camp while they came here. Then, on Friday morning, they headed back toward the mountains to pick up the kid and drive their Hyundai back to Ohio, which has been having unseasonably marvelous weather, as compared to the heat and humidity in the 90's here. I think they'll be back.

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