July 5, 2004

Take me out

Janet and I took in a ballgame on Saturday night here in the Triangle. I was able to get some free tickets in the field level seating down the first base line, so we had a good view of the action, though we had to remain vigilant, should an errant foul ball come sailing our way. The game in question was between the Durham Bulls (of movie fame) and the Charlotte Knights. It was a good time, once the game actually started after a 90 minute rain delay. We were afraid we wouldn't be watching baseball that night, but the sky cleared, and we had ourselves a game. There was only one problem with this game, and that was the other people who came to watch it. I'm sure most of the fans were there to watch baseball, but we seemed to be surrounded by people who would have enjoyed themselves whether there was a game or not, as long as the concession stand was open. First there was the woman sitting to our left who got up and came back over and over again. One time, she apologized and said she wasn't very good at sitting. This of course begs the question of why she came to a baseball game, but I didn't get the chance to ask her. The worst, though, were the four people in front of us. Between the four of them, they must have eaten one of everything served at Durham Bulls Athletic Park. This wouldn't have been so bad, but they never, ever got up or came back during the break after a half inning. They always got up and came back in the middle of the action. This was punctuated by the guy in front of us spending the last three innings spitting tobacco juice into his empty beer cup. Gross. We were hoping for one of those errant foul balls that I mentioned, but we had no luck there. The game itself was enjoyable, and I hope to go again, but I hope to not be anywhere near these people the next time I make the trip.

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