July 10, 2004

No traffic? Hah!

We didn't think that there would be any traffic or trouble parking on Hillsborough Street when we went to El Rodeo for dinner tonight. Oops. We had unfortunately forgotten that the Kerry-Edwards campaign had a rally this afternoon on the campus of the North Carolina State University. Thankfully, we have a small, maneuverable car that was able to slide into a space right in front of the restaurant, and we had a good view of the crowds walking up the street after the event. Let me tell you, I'm not sure you could have paid me to go stand in the sun for 5 hours today, considering the 95 degree heat. I'm sure they're impressive fellows, but I can get a much better view from my television. I'm going to be sure if I attend a rally, it will be 75 with no humidity or I'll catch the highlights on the news. The highlights weren't even that high tonight. I'm not sure a shred of valuable information got out today. From my reading of the various news sources, Kerry and Edwards have given the exact same speech every time they've been in public this week. Also, Kerry thinks he and Edwards have good hair. I think it's all part of the "stealth campaign," where the Kerry campaign tries to make it so the voters know as little about him as possible come Election Day. Janet, though, has been paying attention, and she doesn't know what she's going to do. She thinks Bush is stupid, but Kerry might be worse. I told her she could always vote for me, which might turn out to be a pretty good choice this year.

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