July 25, 2004

Kitchen Tips from Andy

Todays tip is for bakers.

If you are going to refill your flour container, there's a good chance it won't hold the full five pound bag of flour, so you should check it out before you turn the bag upside down in the cannister to empty it out. Otherwise, you'll likely end up with a big mess on your hands and some temporarily white clothes.

This tip came to fruition at the tail end of my doughnut making foray. Right now, the dough is rising, so I can't comment on the results, but it's off to a promising beginning, as the dough is most certainly rising.

Oh yeah, and yesterday, Janet and I were sitting on the floor playing Trivial Pursuit, when the cat jumped up on the couch and meowed pretty much in Janet's ear. She (Janet) jumped a mile high when this happened, as she had no idea where the cat was before she made the noise. Me, I just laughed like a good husband, though the scare woke Janet up enough to beat me in that round.

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