July 7, 2004


The chips aisle always stumps me. I just can't force myself to by name-brand chips of any kind, so I end up walking back and forth searching for a proper generic substitute. This is harder than it sounds a lot of times. It is way too tough to find off brand yellow corn tortilla chips. There are tons of white ones, but hardly any yellow. I end up with some not-quite-off brand chips which satisfy me, but they're a tough find. Then, today, I searched high and low for small generic pretzels. They just taste better than the big ones. They were nowhere to be found. Janet finally found them hiding behind some of the other generic pretzels, so disaster was avoided, since the only place I can tell the difference between Rold Gold and the store brand is in my checking account.

Oh, and I caught the last 15 minutes of The Natural tonight. It's good stuff, with Roy Hobbs homering off the young lefty farmboy not unlike who he once was before Barbara Hershey shot him and Kim Basinger poisoned him. Bobby Savoy gives him the "Savoy Slugger" and he blasts one off the light tower to win the pennant and give the Knights to old Pop. Oh, and I checked, the goofy kid who played Bobby Savoy has exactly one entry in the IMDb entry, and it's for the natural. He had his 15 minutes of fame at an early age.

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