July 20, 2004

Election 2004 Update

On a radio show the other day, John Kerry said his favorite Red Sox player is Manny Ortez. Of course, this mythical person does not exist. He tried to correct himself and then said David Ortez. Getting closer, but still, not a real person. We think he was going for David Ortiz, who can rake it, but we may never know for sure, since Mr. Kerry can't keep track of the baseball team in his tiny home state. You'd think he'd at least have caught a few games while racking up a #1 ranking in missed votes for the Senate. Of course, a few years ago, he said his favorite all time Red Sox player was "The Walking Man" Eddie Yost. At least this time, he got both the name and the knickname right, but he happened to choose as his favorite a player who never donned a Red Sox jersey in his 18 year career. Frankly, I don't think someone who can't keep his players straight should be anywhere near the pinnacle of power. At least Bush knows the Rangers traded Sammy Sosa when he was one of the owners, as he is fond of recalling when asked if he's made any mistakes.

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