July 19, 2004


I get lots of mail now. I used to never get any mail. I would go weeks and months at at a time without an interesting piece of mail. Just the occasional colored invitation to some diversity event or something at the good old MC. Now, I get lots of mail. Every day there is more mail. Of course, mail used to be fun. Now, it could be better. Like, if the cable company sent me a check every month instead of a bill, or if I could cash these little slips in for money from BB&T instead of me sending them money and a coupon. Of course, it could be a lot worse. Did you know that in 2003, the average American household owed $8,000 on all credit cards? That makes my bills sound a little more manageable. Sure, I have debt, but not credit card debt with their outsized interest rates. I'm talking low rate date like my car loan and school loans. Good Debt, as they like to say. Janet and I wondered how much credit we could accumulate if we accepted every credit card offer that came in the mail. This is pretty much how the Wayans brothers made their first movie. They maxed out every credit card they could find. Good thing it was a hit, or they'd be entertaining cell block D down in the Big House.

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