June 26, 2004


The fishing trip went off well. I wouldn't say it went off without a hitch, but more on that later. We left after work and got to the hotel and unpacked. Then we had dinner at a seafood and steak place. I had the filet, and it was super tender. The next day started with our boat leaving the dock around 7 AM. We went out and did some bottom fishing for a few hours. The fish were biting, and we did pretty well. I personally hooked about a dozen fish, and about half of those were keepers. Two guys even caught sharks. The hitch was that about half the people on the trip got sick. Not all of them threw up, but there was some queasiness going around, and a few people barely picked up a rod. The rest of us were fine, though I doubt the next team building event will involve a boat. Later that evening, back in Raleigh, one of my coworkers had us over to eat the fish we had caught. It was all good, including the shark. I also got to know some of the guys I work with, and that was good as well, since I see them every day.

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