May 6, 2004

Trying to Find Out

I've been trying to find out what my friends from school are all up to this summer and upcoming fall, with mixed success. Some people won't respond to instant messages, some people, I don't know how to get in touch with, and some people, oh, who am I kidding, there aren't any other people. Basically, I've come up with the following list:

James - working on a project that no one, including him, has any idea if it will work or not (oh yeah, and that web app thing that must be a pet project of some Vice President out in the Cove)

Vikki - Shortly becoming the next big think at Huntingtown High School in Calvert County, Maryland. Judging from my first glance at some web sites, she'll be the poorest person in town, though I doubt she'll starve. (strike that, she can't afford to live in Huntingtown)

Liz - Moving to Hershey (or thereabouts) for some nursing internship/clinical type thing that I don't really understand, but it gets her one step closer to infinite job security (I've said it before, but moms and dads, tell your kids to go into nursing)

Janet - switching to the morning schedule at work, much to her joy (not really)

Amy - at HD, as usual, trying to get some poor, unsuspecting kid to buy rum raisin ice cream. Later, she'll become a math teacher, and a darn good one.

Brooke - living at home, fighting with mom, working the wrestling office (I think)

Katrina - yeah, my sister moved back home, though between work, summer school, and 30 days of leadership training in Seattle, I'm not sure anyone will notice (right, like they wouldn't notice a UFO landing in the back yard)

Krista - the only 3 year trainer in Messiah wrestling history just passed her certification test, and is awaiting the perfect opportunity

Tim Hillner - working at the fort, bothering Kathi, situation normal (don't worry, she likes it)

That's pretty much all I know. Feel free to fill me in.

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