May 20, 2004

Pate a Choux

Pate a Choux is french for something, but it refers to a type of dough that is used in cream puffs, eclairs, and funnel cakes. I made funnel cakes tonight. Let me tell you, it was just like being at the fair. People (like me) get it into their heads that you can only get fair food at the fair, but it's just not true. I have a recipe for corn dogs, too. Until today, I had only had funnel cakes two different ways; fresh at the fair or thawed and baked in Lottie Nelson dining hall on Carnival Night. There is no comparison between the frozen ones and the real thing, let me tell you. Just for all of you out there, you can find the recipe on the Food Network website right here. Gotta love that Alton Brown.

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