May 19, 2004

Is it really 11?

I haven't adequately commented on James' job post of last week. The fact that he's working on or supporting 11 different projects should clue someone out there at New Enterprise that this isn't the optimal way to run a business. Basically, I think it comes down to a company that is a little slow moving into the 21st century, so they only have 2 guys to do all the computer stuff for the whole dang company. Maybe it's time they hired a third or a fourth engineer so they could actually complete one or two of these 11 projects, rather than sending their engineers (whose time is theoretically pretty valuable) to do field service. In a larger company (or better run one) there would be field service guys and development guys, and they wouldn't be the same guys. Sure, James and Ashley could go fix the big stuff that is too weird, but they shouldn't have to be driving all over the northeast because some schmuck in Shippensburg can't turn on a computer.

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