May 23, 2004

Hot, hot, hot

Let me tell you about this heat. It's like we skipped a season in there or something. The month of April was unseasonable cool for North Carolina, and then we had a stretch in May where the weather was in the low 80s for a while. Now, we're into full blown summer, it seems. Friday was 93 (a record), yesterday was 92, and today it got up to 90, with no end in sight. Here's the forecasted highs for the next week or so: 92, 93, 91, 84(get out your sweaters), 88, 90, 93, 90. This is quite the heat wave, as far as I'm concerned. Makes me almost wish for a good rainstorm to cool things down a bit. Of course, I'll be inside for much of this heat wave, as I start my job tomorrow. Perhaps later tonight I'll get to posting about my feelings on joining the economic recovery.

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