April 18, 2004


I just turned in a mother of a project this evening. Well, the report is yet to be written, but the code and testing was due online tonight. Phil and I got it done, but it doesn't totally work the way it's supposed too, but I think we're just going to take the hit and be done with it. Personally, I'm planning to write a kickin' report about it so that we can maybe get back some of the points we're bound to lose. Frankly, I'm just glad to be done with it, though it didin't feel as good as I'd hoped after turning it in. It was a hard project, and some people (like me) were at a disadvantage to others. It seems as though a fair number of people in class had previous experience with Verilog and ASIC design. That would have helped me a lot, I think, since I was still learning things that would be helpful for the stupid thing up through last week, even though it was generally too late by then to implement most of them. However, it was a good learning experience, though I'm very glad that it's done.

By the way, I think I need to get some stock in Red Robin, since they must be doing pretty well, since my friends seem to go there every single weekend. Also, I need to figure out where Jimmy gets his gas, since he burns up the road between the Cove and the West Shore every weekend as well. Recent gas prices have almost convinced me to sell our cars and gets some of those scoooters that get 80 miles a gallon. OK, maybe not, but that premium fuel will take it to your wallet.

It's bedtime, and another hectic week awaits.

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