January 12, 2004

Television Time

I won't write much, since I'm still in Ohio, but I have to comment on some television shows.

Ed: Do I even care about this show anymore? Of course I do, but it's just getting dumber and dumber. Vikki seems to still think it's good, but who the heck knows why. I wait three weeks for a new episode, and that is what they give me? They need to just get married so the show can get back to what made it funny, the whole ensemble cast. Can they not afford to have everyone in the show anymore. It's like we have to choose between the Burtons, Cheswick, and the bowling alley employees. Why, NBC, why?

Alias: Sweet fancy Moses! It's crazier than a donkey eating a waffle. It's nuttier than squirrel droppings. Let's just say that if you haven't been watching this show and you turned it on next week, it would take a week to explain everything to you, and then you still wouldn't get it. I've seen every episode this season but none of the other seasons, and it's hard enough for me.

We'll be back to our regular blogging schedule (oh yeah, and class starts) tomorrow.

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