January 30, 2004

Stinking Parking

If anyone reading this goes, or has ever gone, to Messiah College and complained about parking, please consider the following: There is never anywhere to park on campus here at NC State. This is evidenced by the fact that we live in campus owned housing, and we pay an annual fee of $157 to park where we live. Janet is now a full time, permanent employee of NC State University, and she has to pay for parking. It's rather unbelieveable if you ask me. For the level of permit that is currenly available, it will cost her $275 per year to park in a lot that is nowhere near where her job is. The next step up would get her closer to the library, but there is an estimated four year wait to get one of those permits. It would also increase the cost to either $300 or $327 depending on the lot. This, my friends, is ridiculous, but I suppose it's their land to charge for.

The only real problem I had with the parking at Messiah was the policy of giving preferred spots to RAs and students who studied abroad the previous semester. It doesn't make a lot of sense. The study abroad students got to pick whatever lot they wanted. I have yet to determine a reason behind this, but whatever. The RAs were nearly as maddening. They also got to pick whatever lot they pleased. The student teachers and nurses get to pick too, but they have a legitimate reason, though I could argue that student teachers should only have preference for the semester that they teach. I assume the RAs get preference because they might have to take a student somewhere in the middle of the night, but to that I say, "Hogwash!" The only way I see justification in giving them preference is to require them to have cars. Otherwise, you're saying they should be close so they can take people places, but they don't have to have a car with which to do it. The logic just falls apart.

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