January 20, 2004

People are Weird

I ran into a gaggle of weirdos today. I was walking to the gym today and passed this guy. He was listening to rap, I assume, since he was "singing" along rather loudly. I couldn't understand the words, since he wasn't really articulate, but the only words I could understand when he was telling someone to "don't front" at the end of every line. I wanted to tell him that I don't like rap and to knock it off, but instead I just picked up the pace and went to work out.

Then, after class, I went to the library to read and do the crossword puzzle in the school paper (yeah, I finished that bad boy). When I sat down, I noticed this guy passed out on the chair. He was dead asleep for around 40 minutes after I got there. Who knows how long he was there before I got there. The weird thing was that he didn't have a book or a bag or anything. Then he groggily got up, looked around, and staggered off.

The sniffer sat next to me in class tonight. Every minute or two he made a short, sharp sniffing sound. I wanted to ask him if he'd had his cocaine fix yet today. It was really annoying, and I'll avoid this guy in the future. This shouldn't be too hard, since there are 100 people in the class.

Finally, the biggest one of all. Howard Dean. This guy was shouting and rolling up his sleeves and tossing hats into the crown and yelling some more about conquering or something. Speaking of politics, I suggest you get your news from The Daily Show. It may be fake news, but it's at least as factual as the political predictors on so called reputable news stations.

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