January 15, 2004


Vikki reminded me of one of the things I'd like to forget about chapel at Messiah College. You see, Messiah is really white. It's to be expected for a small Christian college in the foothills of Central Pennsylvania. It's not exactly Grambling, if you know what I mean, and that's ok. In fact, it's about 95% white. However, every once in a while Messiah gets a bee in its bonnet and tries to do something about racial conflict. Obviously, there isn't a whole lot of it going on at the school, but people drum in up every once in a while. There was the fondly remembered rally at which an African-American student yelled through a microphone that every white person has negative thoughts when seeing a black person. To think, her point was to try to end racial stereotypes. Anyhow, whenever Messiah is feeling diverse, they sing a song entitled "We Are Marching." This involves some dancing and also singing in an unknown African language. The problem isn't the song, per se, it's that it's the only song they ever sing when they want to feel diverse. Of course, this brings me to the other thing I didn't understand about chapel there. One year the chapel theme was "Unity through Diversity," or something like that. It never made any sense. Let's create unity by emphasizing our differences. It's kind of like, though not as severe as, "Let's be friends by punching each other in the face."

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