January 19, 2004

James as a Child

Janet and I went to P.F. Chang's for dinner tonight and got a little glimpse of James as a child. There was a kid sitting at a nearby table with his family. The entire time we saw him, he was playing a Gameboy. One time, he put it down to look at his video game magazine. Other than that, he was playing away. Even when the food came, he kept playing. His mom had to make him put down the toy, and he argued with her, though mom eventually won. I can see James' mom doing this to him when he was this kid's age, though I do doubt it really happened to James. He was probably a lot better behaved, though he did get the same toy the kid was using for Christmas this year.

As for the restaurant, I recommend it. I've been there a few times and never been disappointed. If you ever get the chance, order appetizers, and get the lettuce wraps. You can thank me later. Once you go, you'll want to go back just so you can try everything on the menu. It's a medium priced place, so you can't go every night or anything like that, but not so much that you have to be rich. Janet said she's been thinking about it ever since we went the last time, so now she can relax a bit. Going through recipes last night got her thinking she just had to have some spring rolls.

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