January 23, 2004

Hardcore Howard

Howard Dean was on TV three times last night trying to save his campaign. First, there was the debate, then there was the televised interview with his wife. I don't understand the media obsession with his wife. The woman is a doctor with an active practice; she can't take a month off to go traipsing around Iowa and New Hampshire to show her support for her husband. I'm sure she supports him plenty from back home in Vermont. Finally, he appeared on David Letterman to read the following Top Ten List:
Top Ten Ways I, Howard Dean, Can Turn Things Around
10. "Switch to decaf"
9. "Unveil new slogan: 'Vote for Dean and get one dollar off you next purchase at Blimpie'"
8. "Marry Rachel on final episode of 'Friends'"
7. "Don't change a thing -- it's going great"
6. "Show a little more skin"
5. "Go on 'American Idol' and give 'em a taste of these pipes"
4. "Start working out and speaking with Austrian accent"
3. "I can't give specifics yet, but it involves Ted Danson"
2. "Fire the staffer who suggested we do this lousy Top Ten list instead of actually campaigning"
1. "Oh, I don't know -- maybe fewer crazy, redfaced rants"

I heard it on the radio, and it was pretty funny. I'm not sure what he was thinking, hey, if it works, it works.

Finally, Janet and I decided that the primaries need to be arranged in order of weather. Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico....these are the states that should be going first. Iowa and New Hampshire are pretty darn cold in January, as I'm sure the candidates discovered. Here are the predicted highs (Fahrenheit) for every day until the New Hampshire primary: 17, 14, 13, 14, 20. The lows: -2, -5, 0, 9, 18. Basically, cold enough to kill a person. Garrison Keillor was talking about Minnesota when he said the following, but I'm sure it applies to New Hampshire: "It's the kind of place that, once or twice during January and February, does its best to kill you."

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