January 2, 2004

Handicapping the Field

Maybe I'll take a stab at politics. Here are my comments, in no particular order, on the field for the White House in 2004.

John Edwards - Effectively ended his political career by declaring he won't run for Senate again in order to focus on a Presidential race he can't win.

John Kerry - Lots of money and experience, but can't get anyone excited about him.

Dennis Kucinich - Slimy in general; more specifically, Drew Carey will tell you that he was the mayor of the only American city to go into default since the Depression.

Carol Moseley Braun - I'm not sure even she wants to be running for president.

Wesley Clark - The latecomer in the race. His inexperience shows, but he is one of few Democratic candidates to have the ability to praise the work of American troops without spinning it into some sort of anti-war, anti-Bush statement.

Richard Gephardt - Up until now, the highlight has been the constant repetition of the "miserable failure" line from one of the Debates.

Howard Dean - The apparent Democrat front runner, but he isn't nearly as smart as he thinks he is. His flip-flopping on the issues and flagrant condescending attitude toward everyone in the country may come back to haunt him.

Joe Lieberman - Stung when Al Gore threw his support behind the only candidate who has a lower view of the American public than he does (Dean), Lieberman remains the only Democrat candidate willing to take an unpopular stand as well as stick to his guns in the face of opposition. (As an aside, he's the one Democrat I would feel comfortable voting for right now)

Al Sharpton - This is a joke, right? I mean, this guy has to be from another planet. He has previously compared the NY Attorney General to Hitler and accused the former governor of having ties to the KKK.

George W. Bush - Regardless of approval ratings and popularity, it appears whoever finally claws his way to the top of the Democrat heap still faces a tall order in unseating the President. He still has the support of most Americans not employed by the news media and soldiers who can't understand why all they see on TV is how bad a job they are doing.

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